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Religion is bad because...


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Religion is bad because... 

... It can make your wear silly hats, underwear, robes or accessories and think that the creator of the universe cares. 

... It can make you reverie certain old men due to their ability to remember ancient writings. 

... It can justify sexism, racism, genocide, murder, slavery and every other crime cos god is your mate and not the "others". 

... It can destroy normal human sexual relationships, demonise loving relationships and kill people who love differently to yourself. 

... It can give incorrect diagnosis to mental and physical illness resulting in people failing to get the help they need. 

... It can make you disagree with science and evidence in favour of bronze age mens superstitious writings. 

... It can take money from those least able to afford it to give to those who don't need it. 

... It can justify wars against people of your own religion because they don't believe quite right. 

... It can teach you to believe natural disasters are due to the sin du jour. 

... It teaches our physical lives are evil and sinful but fails to explain why a loving God allows evil against his chosen people. 

... It can teach that contraception is bad to aids ravaged communities. 

... It spends its members lives building structures of worship, travelling the world on missionary trips, producing rambling apologist books/videos, and stopping those same people from actually doing anything to improve the world.

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...It can destroy families ...

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When I subscribed to Christian dogma, I viewed reality in polarized terms: good-evil, true-false, saved-unsaved, heaven-hell...

but now I try to avoid dichotomous paradigms as much as possible. Religion is neither bad nor good in my view of things.

But I’m not wishing to argue here- you have made valid arguments about some of the negative consequences that a polarized belief system with rigid moral standards can lead in to. It’s unfortunate that people can act so petty about their religious beliefs at times. 

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Religions were founded by those who seek to control the intellectual and economic resources of others.


Those who are not tied to/invested in the goals of the oligarchy are living in places where the oilgarchs rule and the average person takes their rule for granted.


The average American Christian takes the white elitists and their racist, misogynist, fascist structures for granted. It's easy to believe that a god is on your side when you're living a life that is provided for you by the sweat and blood of workers everywhere and you see nothing wrong with that.


American religions are allowed to exist because they are either havens of the ignorant, clubs of the elites or fronts for capitalist money-laundering outfits.


Religion is either your tool to control others or it's your drug to numb you to the reality of the system that exists.


It's good for nothing.

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I like very much that you led with silly hats.

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...it lies, threatens, lies, lies,lies, threatens, and lies.

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