Man arrested for sharing food with woman in Saudi Arabia

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When in Rome don't feed the woman-folk. :blink:

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     The man didn't feed the woman he shared a meal with her.  They were coworkers.


     It appears that many restaurants are segregated by sex unless the people are married (maybe related).  But some of the places where tourists go are more liberal and don't tend to enforce the rules and this is where this happened.  I was reading that a lot of couples carry a proof of marriage just in case they're questioned (not just in restaurants but other places).


     So I guess this guy was from Egypt and decided that he and his female Saudi coworker could sit together during breakfast which was a no-no especially since someone took video.  Apparently, Egypt, which is also Muslim doesn't have their collective head up their ass on things like this.  Maybe since they're at least trying to do some modernizing (ie. woman can drive, etc.) the fallout from this won't be so terrible for the both of them like it used to be?




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