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Pope Francis: 'The Great Accuser Has Been Unchained and Is Attacking Bishops'

During his homily at Mass on Tuesday morning, Pope Francis blamed the devil for the sexual abuse scandal that has shaken the Catholic church to its core. But not in the way you think. To the pope's way of thinking it is the efforts to expose the sinful cover-ups of abusive clergymen that are the work of Satan. [Snipped]




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And now, back to the regularly scheduled conversation...

What the literal Hell?  Isn't this the reason the Church got in such deep shit to begin with?  He's somewhat obviously speaking about the Vigano letters, but this will be applied broadly.  Very broadly.  Francis really wants the sex abuse scandal to go away, and his frustrations come to the fore on occasion, like here and like when he defended the Church in Chile.  It's not going anywhere, it's getting incrementally worse, and I don't think he has it in him to do the amount of damage control the Church needs.

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I think a fitting punishment for the church officials, including the child rapists, would be to take the perps and their institutional enablers, lock them in a room for a few hours with their adult victims and their family members, and what ever happens, nobody knows anything, even if the perps and enablers never come out alive.  AND, if it went to court, and their victims were on trial for something violent, well, if I were a juror, they would get a vote from me of NOT GUILTY.  Just my little old opinion. :)

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