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Ancient misogyny or freedom?

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A local newspaper article made me respond




"Or you could find out if the old myths are true or not, and base your life on your own choices instead of trying to make ancient tribal misogyny fit current reality. You could find out that the book is a non-historical collection of tales from a cult, not eyewitness accounts in the gospels, no supporting historical documentation for the Jews being captive in Egypt, nor for the many people that they say rose from the dead after the crucifixion of Jesus, that all of the pre-science things that sounded impressive to ancients fall flat when one understands reality (such as building a tower to reach heaven being a threat to a god when we build skyscrapers and haven't attracted any miraculous smackdowns, or Jesus ascending into the clouds "up" into heaven when we fly above clouds daily and even into space where there is no up or down). Letting go of it after 30 years of ardent "on-fire" belief has been unspeakably freeing for me."



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