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Earth, 1 Billion Years from now


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Will the Earth be unbearably hot and devoid of water and life a billion years from now?


Although many scientists believe this scenario will be our future Earth, there are a number of different scientific opinions concerning the Earth a billion years from now. In this proposal the Earth will supposedly move closer to the sun, but many scientists believe that the Earth is continuously moving farther away from the sun. If so then the Earth will be slowly cooling and global warming may be just part of a temperature cycle that will reverse in time. There is also the global dimming factor whereby the sun's lessened effect upon the Earth may result in its slow cooling.





The sun will not become a red giant star for maybe 5 billion years from now so it will not become hotter for that reason alone in a billion years.


Some scientists believe a snow-ball Earth may be in our future a billion years from now if we are still here and if we do not have the technology then to prevent it.




Will mankind be around on Earth a billion years from now? Most scientists believe not but it is a different possibility whether mankind will survive extinction somewhere else, on another planet, moon, in space colonies, or in a number of these possibilities.

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