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Jesus-free and loving it


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7 hours ago, Tsathoggua9 said:

YOWZA!! That's pretty mean-spirited. 

Honestly I can't exactly tell whether he's intentionally being mean spirited or whether he's so caught up in the nonsensical cruel dogma that he doesn't know what he's saying and just automatically doubles down on his beliefs whenever he has a chance. I'm trying to compartmentalize it as like tourettes at this point. 

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I don't post all that often, but I love the community here! I am a Texas lifer (so far).


I am also a classical liberal and identify freely as a "small-l" libertarian. When I vote, it's usually for Libertarian candidates, but I'm not affiliated with the political party itself, and see many flaws with it. But I also wrestle with the legitimacy of voting in the first place, as I view it as an act of force, and as much as I resent being told how to live,  my vote has the potential to do that to others. Although out here in West Central Texas, it's so solidly red that my vote is more a protest against the wealthy big parties. I'm no longer considering voting R or D unless I know the person personally or am absolutely convinced of their integrity and support of liberty.


And when I see the merging of politics with religion, all I can do is sigh. I remember the election 4 years ago, the Republican state comptroller candidate in Texas had "opposing abortion" as his chief issue. I remember thinking, "not relevant to the office you're running for, dude."

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Your story sounds very similar to mine. (ExChurch of Christ)  my family was saturated with elders, deacons, ministers, missionaries, etc.  My father was crushed, but my mother actually eventually accepted it, and told me a few years later after dad died, that she had questioned the doctrine in years past, but stayed with it to "be on the safe side."  From what I have seen, if you live near your family, or anyone in the family knows the secret, it will eventually leak out.  So be prepared.  WELCOME!

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