I believe in Jesus again

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9 hours ago, ag_NO_stic said:

All I have to say is......if Thor's nailin Jesus, then maybe god will come around on the whole "hate gays" thing....


Ha ha, but again, Thor isn't a Roman. He isn't even of this earth.  That little "funny" isn't funny.


That joke I heard in sixth grade though, the one with the punchline "You're Thor? I'm tho thore I can hardly walk!"? Now that was funny.

Just my opinion.

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On 10/21/2018 at 7:01 PM, Lost said:

Hey duderonomy :)


Can I ask if this is true that You believe agan in Jesus or Your whole post is a joke?


Cause I'm kind of confused while reading Your replies to others.


If You believe again, what happened that You changed Your mind?


Greetings :)


Greetings to you too Lost!     I'm sorry about any confusion I may have caused you. 


This might all be a joke by me, but what if it isn't?  



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