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Quick Rebuttals to Common Christian Claims


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Richard Carrier, take it away: 



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6:00 to 7:00 "If you had a soul you wouldn't need a brain. "


If 'utility' is the big picture then I might say that I don't really need a universe either. Seems like a waste of energy. Yet there is one, for some reason. Maybe no reason.


I can step onboard with a Godless universe. Godless, as in without some gray bearded guy looking down on me with a scowl because I said a bad word. But prefer to think that consciousness is primary and matter arises from it. No god needed.


"If you had a soul you would have a full functioning mind all the time." I guess this is a biblical notion. 


He seems to be black or white. You can either have a brain or a soul  but not both. Maybe the universe did not get the memo from scientists about how it should be functioning. Maybe consciousness is neither the result of brain activity nor a deity given soul.


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