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Intelligent Design


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I just posted this song/poem at another site.  Thought I would share it here also: 




Some people say we got here by intelligent design.

That is why I have an appendix that just works so fine.


My windpipe and esophagus in my throat are combined,

So I choke if I'm not careful, so great was the design.


My backbone is so wondrous and perfectly designed.

I always remember this when it gets misaligned (from disk pain I whine).


My legs which are so nimble could not have come by chance.

Otherwise I would not be able to learn how to dance.


It can't be evolution - we are just too complex.

That is why we cry "Oh god!" when we are having sex.


We believe that things all came from intelligent design.

That's why we keep our intelligence down in our behind.



Intelligent design.  That is how we got here.

If you ask me that designer has some ideas a lot queer.

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Sorry, " I always remember this when it gets misaligned (from disk pain I whine). " The parenthetical "from disk pain I whine" doesn't belong there.  I copied from my original unedited version.  If anyone knows how to go back in and edit a posting after submitting it please let me know.

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