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The Non-Prophets 17.20 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, & Kevin Stein

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"American means white christian" Quiverfull movement Putting Jesus in state constitutions Jamie: "Alabama is less fundamentalist than I thought" [NEWS] "The migrant caravan is against the plan of god!" 33% of US citizens do not believe in the biblical god, but do believe in some form of "higher power" "Cult just stands for culture" (Ptthhhhttt) [NEWS] Group of pastors wants to ban books from library "Banned Books" display in Rumford, ME [NEWS] Coach Dave Daubenmire refuses to believe the fact that dems won enough elections to take control of the House of Representatives [NEWS] Saudi Arabia to "inoculate" students against Westernization, atheism, and liberalism (article from Dec 2016) [NEWS] Rick Wiles: "If democrats win Congress, they'll slaughter thousands of christians" [NEWS] Matt Shea christian manifesto - kill all the men who are non-believers [Denis has a question] Why are christians so afraid of (and want to avoid) perfect justice? If god determines they  deserve to go to hell, why don't they accept that, instead of going "the Jesus route"? [NEWS] Matt Powell, a 22-year-old preacher, clarifies that he wants to execute homosexuals "humanely" [SHIT] John Gray: Why Science Can't Replace Religion Denis: "You don't like the 'tone' of new atheists? Well, fuck you!" Kevin: (Paraphrasing Matt D.) "Religion will break your leg to sell you a crutch" Denis: "This guy (John Gray) is just masturbating all over the place!"        

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