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First let me say I understand where you are coming from.  I was at one time in your shoes.  But my curious mind kept telling me some things just were not adding up.  And from an early age, when others were praying for more faith, I was praying for wisdom.


1.  Have you ever considered that if you had been born in a different family, in a different country, with a predominantly different faith, and you had a loving family devout to their faith, and you had never questioned the faith, or seriously studied the history of religions and Gods in general, you might be defending that faith as much or more than you are defending Christianity?

2.  When you pray, do you pray for more faith in the God, Jesus, or church you presently believe in?

3.  Or do you pray for an open and objective mind, wisdom, and that God will help you discern truth as you look among ALL the alternatives?

4.  How do you know you have the truth, if you haven't looked at all the available information about Gods, religions, and other alternatives?


I challenge you to do so.  Remember the statement Jesus reportedly made?  "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."


5.  Final question.  Do you have enough faith in "Jesus" statement to search for truth, and follow it where ever it leads you?  And that includes looking for information outside what your church provides.  Remember that most people's faith is grounded on assumptions, made by their families, churchs, and society, that comes from ancient information, and has been passed down for generations by mortal men.  And western Christianity was passed on to us by the Catholic church, who decided what went into the New Testament as they were killing off their competition, and who had a vested interest in what it said.  It didn't come directly from God (if there is one) and is not an objective search for truth.


I hope you will give this some serious consideration.  And answer the questions if you wish to do so.

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