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On 12/10/2018 at 11:46 AM, Aaron81 said:

all those who didn’t get baptized are going to hell


It's worse than that! If you were baptized, but thought you were saved before baptism (like, as soon as you reached the point of faith), then your baptism doesn't count. So they teach this 5 step plan: Hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized. "Believe" supposedly means "believe that Jesus is the son of God," but what they won't come out and say is that you must also believe that baptism is for the remission of sins. So if you're a Baptist and have done all 5 steps, and you want to be CoC (why the Hell would anyone want that? But they do sometimes), they'll make you be baptized again, claiming "you were baptized for the wrong reason". An oft-repeated line is "you can't be taught wrong and baptized right."


I'm annoyed with myself for getting annoyed about this subject. All Christianity is mythology, so there's no point in discussing it, yet I get riled up over this particular teaching.


At least they don't babble in tongues.

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Welcome@Derek, I enjoyed your story and the comments that followed!

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