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Does Satan Heal Satanists (his followers)


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Does anyone  have knowledge or experience about this?

Or, like I did, encountered this claim while researching or talked with anyone who says the same thing?

I was reading on websites about Satanism, Satanists etc. Everything about it, such as What they do, think, believe, say and is it a religion and what does their bible say.

Who wrote their bible and when. And more.

 I wish I could remember exactly which site but I looked at so many it got lost...


Anyway, it was written on this website that Satan sometimes physically heals his followers.


But mostly, he just teaches them how to use the power they already have OR he gives them (can't remember which power or both) to Heal themselves. And with practice, the author of this website stated, he/they have gotten good at being able to do so.

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Sure. Since Satan is a minor character in Judaism, usually seen as an angel that does some dirty work for god, why would a reasonable person think he is real? Christianity took direction from Zoroastrianism with dualistic Light/Darkness God/Devil belief, added some Greek and Roman religion, and produced "the Devil" who rules the underworld (not a Jewish concept at all). So Satan is a fictional character in a book of myths. Typically, Satanists become such out of despising Christianity and want to adopt a selfish path of life, one that promotes self, has trappings of spirituality, or makes them feel cool for being rebels against the system. Others do it to annoy Christians for sheer entertainment value. I suppose there are a few that actually think there is a being that is going to respond to their curses and prayers, sacrifices, etc. Meh, just like Christians believe in (and make up some fascinating tales about) healings.



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