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The Non-Prophets 17.22 2018-12-05 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Kevin Stein, & Megan Bonner


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On this four-way face palm episode: [From CBN] (About a month ago) APU, an evangelical university on west coast, abolishes ban on LGBTQ+ relationships on campus [Also from CBN] (Yesterday) Two resign from APU because administration is drifting from core principles, including removing the ban on LGBTQ+ relationships on campus. Administration then says they never officially approved the removal of the ban and re-instituted the policy. Einstein did not believe in a personal god! (For fucks sake!) Conservative christian pastor, Steven Anderson, calls for executing all gay people by Christmas day. Poll shows more than half of British people believe religion does more harm than good. More Americans losing respect for religion after series of scandals, esp. sexual predators in clergy. Jamie: "Spend hours on your knees." Greek Orthodox bishop claims Earth is the only planet in the galaxy. Several states trying to put "In god we trust" displays in public schools. [From CBN] Satanist display next to nativity scene in Illinois state capital. "Snake-tivity Scene" Lex Manticore (Voted most likely to own a volcanic island.) [SHIT] Canadian mom battles school board saying that yoga is against her family's religion. They are Roman Catholic and "don't do yoga because it is rooted in Hinduism". First ever TNP 4-way facepalm

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