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What the Hell is the matter with humankind?


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I am reading Lars Browthworth's In Distant Lands.

It is a rundown of the crusades from 1095 ~ 1271.


Both the Christians and the Muslims were slaughtering each other almost without compassion, mercy, or relent. It would seem that when they were not actively involved in butchering each other they were planning to do so and raising the funds, personel, and material for their next campaign. 


This AM I am reading in the news that Chrisitans are fleeing numerous locations in the Middle East https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/422453-christians-at-risk-of-extinction-in-land-where-christmas-began


Seriously? Over 900 years of hate, turmoil, war, torture, slaughter with religion at the forefront of the official motivation would you not think that humankind would have had enough? I understand that there may never be an end to humans slaughtering each other but, at some point, I had hoped that religion would stop playing such a huge roll. 


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Cult mindsets don't always start with slaughter, but can often go that far. And where religion holds a grip on societies, little holds them back from fanaticism. Our own government and culture has deep-seated fundamentalism which is far more concerned with passing laws to appease an angry god than caring for the poor and needy. Religion is often toxic.


I think part of it stems from a long history of evolution, tribes slaughtering other tribes for stuff and females (the Bible's "young virgins"). I watched documentary on chimps and saw one tribe sneak up to another sleeping tribe, attack, slaughter, eat the young, and take the fruit tree in which they had lived. Appealing to gods to help win such battles was common in later tribal times where we have records. And tribal cultures have a long memory about grievances, so wars of hatred can go on for hundreds of years. The Middle East (and previously Mexico, and even Norway) is home to intolerant fanatic religions.


You may have seen this animated parody of Andy Williams singing "This is My Land" which shows the constant slaughter done in the name of gods.

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The video sums it up quite well in a brief 3.5 minutes. 


Killing and plundering each other may very well be a survival instinct. My hope is that as (if?) religions as we know them fade it will become increasingly difficult to motivate armies to charge into machine gun fire or blow themselves up in crowded malls. 

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