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20 hours ago, Justus said:

If you have to ask then you don't know then.

     I know this response wasn't directed to me but I'll say I don't know and I am asking.  So tell me the answer.  Not only that but tell me the rest of the various mysteries you have to offer and have touched on in this thread and elsewhere.  Quit beating around the bush and just go ahead and spell them out.  Like the Reddit forum ELI5...Explain it like I'm 5.




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I has the answer!

It aint what you think it is.

And I aint gonna tell ya what it is.

Cuz I aint really got da answer.



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On 3/3/2019 at 5:15 AM, Justus said:

So if it a trial you want, then it will be a trial you get.

So Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the Prosecutor (that's you sdelsolray :3:) accuses me of being a troll and cites thread after thread [See sdelsoray Indictment attached below] where he claims I trolled on this forum, as if in the scheme of things this has any relevance to what is relevant in life but I have anything going at this morning, or at least until the sun comes up at which point it will be drone time, so I thought I would humor him with a response written in the light .:vtffani:  


So other members and lurkers, let me begin by begin by warning you of the Prosecutor who present the data they want without disclosing all the data in order to obtain the verdict he desires. 


By offering as evidence as a couple of pieces of data, this Prosecutor covers the data he doesn't want to see by placing with the tons of posts which he knows you are not going to sort and sift through which inside is just as effective as if he didn't disclose it all since either way you won't examine it.  Only this way he appears innocent of any deception, which is transgression he has committed with his false allegations against the one they call Justus.


And in such, face which this cunningly crafted allegation which would take more time than it would be worth to respond to, the accused will suggest that for brevity's sake that we simply use this thread in making a determination of whether the accused is a troll or not since a troll would troll and if therefore was the intent of the accused to troll then not knowing he was going to be accused of trolling then it the guilt or innocence should evident within this thread since it would be the impartial data indicative of the motivations of the one accused would they not?


 I know you are right when you say they would, and the reason I know you are right is because the do!   So being agreed lets examine the accused first post in this thread.



I posted this comment in hopes that anyone who read it would catch the 'stumbled' reference the OP had made by referring to the 24 hour day which anyone familiar with the scriptures could associate with the passage in which Jesus said are there not 12 hours in day.


Thus,  if any man walks in the day he stumbles not because he sees the friggin convergence of light which becomes the divergent bands of EMS  from this center point of our physical world.  And if any man walks in the night he stumbles because there is no light in him. 

So I was simply showing those members or lurkers who were reading the thread was to connect the dots between the comment made by the OP referring to stumbling and the stumbling  reference passage regarding 12 hours in a day.  So in my own way I was telling the OP not to get carried away with his inferences regarding the light within this forum.


I'll put it like this, I listen to the instruction of men wiser than me so if you care to tell me the meaning of the  term 'rend' then I will show you it what it means when you don't know that you don't even know me. 


So if anyone wants to know why I don't respond to the questions asked by some members then I would aver to the advice of my counsel, see Matthew 7:6.  So in conclusion, judge me all you want its drone time for me.


P.S. :fun:



This one is full of nonsense.

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On 3/4/2019 at 11:17 AM, Justus said:


Let me start by saying that I don't consider that you are illiterate for misspelling the word abiogenesis, but rather indicates that you probably didn't copy and paste what you posted which is way better than someone who can't comprehend what is written.


While you have every right to believe that Catholic doctrine of evolution is real science but that doesn't make it any less a Catholic doctrine.  However, the fact that the doctrine of evolution originated from the interpretation of scripture and not from the observation of nature  which is apparent by the simple application of the scientific method.  If it isn't apparent to you then why would even make a difference if it was.  


Of course the doctrine of evolution has no relation to the Big Bang theory, which isn't a Catholic doctrine based upon the interpretation of Biblical scripture published in a scientific form.  But it is interesting that if you work for the Pope you get to retain the Intellectual Property Rights, which is kinda ironic considering that vow of poverty clause, but at least the Priest is credited with his creation and was able to continue teaching  at the Catholic University of Science where they teach the two great lights are the sun and the moon, and evolution too.  How bizzare.


So in conclusion I have no interested in arguing the subjective beliefs of the objective believers who are offended by the fact I breath.  Not saying your one of them, but if you don't want to hear something that doesn't affirm your divinity then hopefully I haven't offended you and if I did oh well.




No, you haven't offended me but I don't understand why you think that I am religious in any way. I am a scientist and complete atheist since adulthood. I secretly laugh that religious beliefs are totally unbelievable but do like singing the religious songs and socializing with church people. Most religious people who known my atheist beliefs still tolerate my presence anyway.

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