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The Non-Prophets 18.02 2019-01-16 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Kevin Stein, & Megan Bonner


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On Today's Show: [News] Creation Science bill in Indiana [Listener Mail] Like the new hosts. Updates on Jeff? What happened to Russell? Also, Russell's departure was not one of those "creep" stories. :) Whole different deal and quite mundane. [News] Liberty Council (evangelical non-profit) wants LGBTQ removed from US Congress Anti-Lynching bill. It would be a "camel's nose", apparently. Some members of Liberty Council have received death threats [News] Ken Hamm offers free admission to school/"educational" group tours [News] Conservatives fearful that feminists are using black magic to hex the Trump administration [News] 18-yr-old Saudi girl given asylum in Canada. Wants to leave Islam. [Listener Mail] "Can we really replace belief in god(s) with humanism? An invisible sky-god is necessary for some people." Kevin: "...mental masturbation..." Denis: Pertinent question is, what do you replace religious community with? (Atheist community?) [News] Pastor Robert Jeffress: "Heaven is gonna have a wall..., so if walls are immoral, then god is immoral." Megan: "Why can't god get off is motherfucking ass?" Denis: "Used to part oceans. Now he just appears on toast." [Listener Mail] Jehovah's Witnesses: On judgment day, earth will be remade into a paradise and the 144,000 will be middle management. [Note] The Spanish smiling devil statue story was a hoax [News] Muslim member of the Texas republican party survived a vote by party members to remove him from his party position, because of his religious (Muslim) beliefs. Accused of supporting terrorist organizations. "...stealth jihad and leftist 'Zuckerberg-ization' of our nation"

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