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My Answer to: Why are so many Quora users antagonistic against Christians?

R. S. Martin

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Originally posted under Sarah Bowman here.

Q. Why are so many Quora users antagonistic against Christians?


Answer: Because Christians keep asking us.


If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask. Questions like this assume that Christians should be “respected” for their “faith.” They are like needles and they cause resentment.


We resent the attitude that Christianity should be given special status.


We resent that Christians oppress (mock, call to account, fire, refuse to hire) anyone who does not worship their god. Oh, it’s more subtle than that but we know why you no longer need us, or why we didn’t quite make the grade.


We resent that you don’t believe our honest answers to your “give an account” questions. We tell the truth when asked for answers to questions like this. But you don’t believe us.


Many atheists in the West were born or converted into Christianity. Only with much anguish did we manage to break free, only to be persecuted by Christianity for our efforts. Then Christians ask us question like: What will atheists do if they find out on the Day of Judgment that God is real?


Do you really think we haven’t thought this through?


Please stop needling us and you won’t get these antagonistic answers. Sound good? I think so.

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