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Coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth, year 2018

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The coldest temperatures ever recorded on Earth was recorded in Antarctica in June 2018, in the winter of the southern hemisphere. While the north pole is getting warmer, the south pole seems to be getting colder. The reason for this could be that the north pole has no land mass underneath it. It is totally surrounded by warmer ocean waters and has a great land mass underneath it which would somewhat insulate it from the surrounding oceans, while possibly absorbing some of its relatively small amount of heat.


A changing increase in the temperature differences between the poles as well as possible temperature differences  between the northern and southern hemispheres, could also involve the Earth's ever changing cycles of its axis of rotation, its precession (wobble of its axis), the relative position of the planet alignments, solar cycles and conditions, or a combination of one or more of these ever changing conditions.




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And now, back to the regularly scheduled conversation...

"The temperature they measured? A stunning negative 144 degrees Fahrenheit (-97.8 degrees Celsius)" 

Wow, way lower than I would have imagined! 

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