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Maybe this will actually work


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Awhile back i putvoutva thread asking "Who deconverted you".  The overwhalming response, as expected, was "myself".


Most of us here have pondered if there is any effective way to reach on and, if not outright deconvert, gain a foothold with those we care about who are mired in the greatest mindfuck ever created by man.  The overwhelming consensus is, no, there is not recipe.  No definitive effective path to do this.  All at our disposal is to drop a few mind seeds and see what, if anything, happens.


Well, I ran across a modern seed planting mechanism today; one that appears to be very effective.  It is directed toward Mormons; but should be easily adaptable to other indoctrination schemes.


So, what is everyone thoughts on this?  Link below.



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I think Boghossian's approach is different from the MormonAds project in the OP's link. Both could be effective. While the MormonAds method shows believers the holes and inconsistencies in their belief, Boghossian advises avoiding a direct challenge to the beliefs but rather to question the believer's thought system. Boghossian provides a matrix that begins with a question: “Is it possible that some people misconstrue reality?” By working through this matrix the religionist ends up with no choice but to acknowledge that the only way to know reality is through an evidence-based process, and that there is no evidence to support a faith-based position.


While the MormonAds method could cause someone to leave a set of specific beliefs, I'm not sure that such a person would not replace that with another. Boghossian, on the other hand, leads the believer to a point where an evidence-based world view is the only rational option. (Of course, this is not to say that the technique will work. Some folks are just not rational. Their fears are too great to submit to the uncertainty of life.)

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