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Blog on cult-like Christian campus ministries


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Hi! Been a long-time lurker here, but posting to share a new blog I made after I realized so many people around me also had terrible experiences with cult-like christian campus ministries but had no place to voice their thoughts. I want to warn others before they join, so that they can make an informed decision about what they sign up for. 


Would appreciate your help spreading the blog if you agree with the contents or if you find the testimonies interesting to read! 


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I had a buddy end up in a psycho-ward due to the extreme emotional pressure put on him by Maranatha, one of the campus Christian groups. They were famous for having AC Green, a basketball player for Oregon State University. That was a great advertising gimmick for them. I hope that someday all the churches will be seen like the Moonies or other cults, instead of the default respect we give them in American culture.


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It depends on what you mean by respect, but nobody deserves default trust. That is even in The Gospels. 

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