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Church Buildings: Why do they exist?

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Bah, MWC doesn't believe NZ exists, therefore he probably doesn't believe you exist, therefore he's been arguing with himself.   Now with that astounding line of reasoning I am off to bed  

Church buildings are for housing casserole dinners and bingo.

I knew a bunch of hippie-believers ( a small cult) that were dead-set against buildings due to the amount of money a building takes to create and keep in good condition. The first church we joined nea

This I believe is an excellent example of how the RCC is blowing smoke up the backsides of its followers. They claim this to be the location of the so-called "Last Supper", yet the building they admit wasn't built till around the 12-14th century, on top of an older 4th-century church. One must really have faith to believe the last supper took place in a building that wouldn't exist for another 300+ years after that last meal. All boils down to absolutely no proof at all this is the location, even if the bible were true!


And just to prove my point of the "church" trying to appease the other religions of the area, they just so happen to also claim it's the location of King David's tomb for good measure. 😂



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     I don't believe that last meal occurred at all so anything that says it's a literal event would be blowing smoke to me.


     It's easy to blame the RCC but protestants have their own versions of a lot of these same sites over there.  I don't know if they have their own upper room for the last supper but I'm pretty sure they have their own place for the tomb which is older (much too old) than the RCC's.  The bible says it's all about faith.  That's the only product any of these guys have to sell.  That you can visit a building that has a room that may occupy the same space of another room of some previous building where jesus may have eaten his last meal takes less faith, for me, to accept than to think that believing that somehow that person was a magical god-man that died for something called "sin" and if I believe in him (whatever that really means) I can go to some eternal life after I die.




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