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The Rapture, Kirk Cameron, and Foot Washing


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Will you be on the toilet when the rapture comes? This week, Karen and Bonnie fumble through some rapture theories, reminisce about the times they thought they’d been left behind, and, well, that brings up the book series Left Behind—which spawned D movies starring Kirk Cameron and Nicholas Cage. Plus a gross letter about feet from a listener.

Fred done been raptured.


We’re playing with show notes and seeing what people need/will read. Let us know at deconversiontherapypodcast@gmail.com.


Here are some of the clickable and gawkable highlights:

The rapture movie that scared the shit out of a generation: A Thief in the Night. I see you can watch it on Amazon Prime and YouTube. Have a blast.

A Thief in the Night





Make it a rapture horror binge. See Kirk Cameron not smiling. Watch Nicholas Cage looking like he always does in serious roles.

Left Behind starring starry star Nicholas Cage. Earlier ones with Kirk Cameron.


Watch out for the Anti-Christ figure. He is supposed to be a charismatic leader who does makes even Christians think he’s godly.


We read a letter from an anonymous woman who taught at a Catholic school. During a faculty retreat, they had to wash people’s feet. She is forever damaged from having to wash “that creepy teacher’s” toe jam.

This week’s (did you notice we’ve moved to weekly?) QNTBWA—Quest Not To Be Whiney Assholes—Bonnie’s thankful for SNL keeping the humor real. Pete Davidson’s joke comparing the boycott of R. Kelley to the non-boycott of the Catholic church and its abuse issues was spot on.

Karen is thankful that the sun finally came out where she lives. Her light box has been her assistance animal.

She was also thankful for National Women’s Day, although Bonnie has her reservations. Then there are the tennis players who just don’t get it at all.unnamed-1

We want to give a shout-out to the podcast Everyone’s Agnostic. They do an amazing job at really digging into the deconversion experience. AND they employ substance, something we do not. Give them a listen!





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