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Episode 1–Purity Culture and Bible Sword Drills


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Yeah, the audio sucks. We know. Think of this podcast as a Chia Pet, watch us grow and things take shape.

In this inaugural episode Karen informs Bonnie that people in their church were screwing in the closet in the foyer of their church during church services in the eighties. Bonnie sees that story and matches it by hinting the same thing was happening in their church’s outdoor baptismal when church wasn’t in session.

Growing up at the same Southern Baptist church in the 70s through 90s, Bonnie tells about their church schedule from early on Sundays to socializing on Saturday nights. There. All. The. Time. It was a time when you were just dropped off places and other adults might watch out for you, or not. Mostly we were all good, but Bonnie and Karen’s friends did sneak some of Bonnie’s mom’s vodka once.images

Karen tells a bit about leaving religion. She was an overseas missionary in Thailand and got those “seeds of doubt” planted and then watered!

download-1Bonnie and Karen talk about the kick-ass book Pure by Linda Kay Klein. We talk purity rings, purity balls, beautiful dresses, over the top event details, and giant crosses some of the girls carry.

But a lot of Christians and former ones are now talking about how the purity culture messed them up. Guilt resides in the body, man.

So many people Bonnie and Karen grew up with got married early just to have sex. There was even TWO secret marriages at their Baptist university because they would rather lie to their parents than to have God upset they were sleeping together.

We’d love to read some of your funny stories on air. What most of us miss about not being in church is the loss of community.

Thanks for listening. Can’t wait to read your letters. Go to www.deconversiontherapypodcast.com and follow us on all them socials.





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