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Special Episode 001: Researching Deconversion with Professor Jim Nagle


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This episode deviates from our typical weekly interview, so I'm posting it on the weekend as special bonus episode!  Professor Nagle identifies with the catholic tradition. The first half of our discussion is his religious journey away from catholicism to agnosticism and back again.  It's important to note that Professor Nagle uses the term deconversion in a broader sense than I do. For this podcast I define deconversion in the sense of a person leaving Christianity altogether and becoming atheist or agnostic. Professor Nagle uses the term deconversion to define various religious transitions in life.

The second half of the interview he discusses current research on deconversion and the focus of his particular research, including how religious teaching changes in response to our cultural climate?  He is currently working on his doctorate at Fordham University in New York.


Show Notes:

Versions of Deconversion: Autobiography and the Loss of Faith by John Barber https://www.amazon.com/Versions-Deconversion-Autobiography-Studies-Religion/dp/0813915465 @jamesMnagle

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