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003 Alix Jules: Writer, Activist, Social Critic, Commentator & Blogger


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Writer, activist, social critic and commentator, Alix's activism has garnered national attention on matters of race, religion and politics. Alix was the first atheist featured in Ebony magazine. He's a founding member of the largest freethought organization in North Texas and organizer for Black Non-Believers of Dallas. He advises for the American Humanist Association and the Center for Inquiry. His writing can be found on various venues such as Secular Nation, Free Inquiry, American Atheist magazine and Time magazine. Check out his self titled blog The Graffiti Wall at Patheos or on The Orbit and as a regular on air personality at Dogma Debate. Hispanic American Freethinkers http://hafree.org/en/ The Clergy Project http://clergyproject.org The Black Humanist Alliance http://blackhumanists.org American Humanist Association https://americanhumanist.org Center for Inquiry http://www.centerforinquiry.net African Americans for Humanism http://www.aahumanism.net Secular Nation http://atheistallianceamerica.org/our-work/magazine/ Free Inquiry https://www.secularhumanism.org/index.php/articles/category/freeinquiry Black Nonbelievers https://blacknonbelievers.wordpress.com Black Nonbelievers of Dallas http://www.meetup.com/Black-NonBelievers-of-Dallas/ https://www.facebook.com/BlackNonbelieversOfDallas The Orbit https://the-orbit.net The Graffiti Wall http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thegraffitiwall/ Ebony Magazine: I Am The Big A  http://wp.production.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/files/2013/04/AlixEbony.jpg

alix@dogmadebate.com alix.jules@gmail.com

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