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Reading book: The age of atheists


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I picked up a book at the library. One of the things that always interests me is the chronology of when our species began deciding and understanding broadly that god is dead. This book is helping me to piece some of that history together. 


The religion I was raised in actively magligned and tried to whitewash the chronology of scientific and philosophical progress. This for me was very tough because my brain depends on a well ordered understanding of when things transpired. So much of leaving religion just depended on getting the facts straight: The Who said what when. Its important to me because all of the philosophical things eventually become denuded of their time stamp and then slipped into a regurgitation of religion as if the Holy Spirit was speaking or whatever. 


For children like myself being being raised in religion is like being raised in a distopia like 1984 where the information is wrongly sorted and categorized. I first noticed this in some of the passages in the Bible written by Paul. They made a lot more sense once I studied the philosophy of the time. This helped to de-mystify what I was being told were mysterious speakings and revelations from god and I was able to see, oh this dude was basically just rehashing his philosophical education and then saying “because Jesus” at the end of it. 


Not that sorting out chronology is everything, but for me it has been important in leaving religion and something I’ve been able to slowly appreciate. The good in religion mostly comes from social and philosophical advancements. 


Theres no no way to say that the teachings in the way that they are given in religion aren’t basically well crafted lies, lies which are often delivered ignorantly, but none the less very frustrating to people who were lied to. A real mind fuck. The frustrating part comes from the people who will continue to tell those lies even after they read and understand the epistemology of the beliefs.


There must still be a naive part of me that believes of people just got the chronology correct they would reject religion. Ugh... people are always stranger than I give them credit for.

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was the book titled The Age of Atheists?

it was kind of implied in the heading...just curious...


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The age of atheists: how we have sought to live since the death of god.


by Peter Watson 

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@Samuel, thanks

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It’s a little out of my depth on the whole, but I think I pick up a lot of smaller pieces. 

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