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Is Evangelicalism a Cult? Recovering From Our Experiences (with Keith Davis)


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In this episode of MindShift podcast, I catch up with Keith Davis, formerly of the Pilgrims & Prodigals podcast. Last year we had a great chat with ended up on their show, and since then a lot has changed–both for Keith and myself.

Since I’ve been studying the psychological aspects of how cults (and some evangelical churches too) control, manipulate and coerce their followers, I wanted to see if Keith’s experiences in evangelicalism matched up to the classic markers of cults as laid out by psychiatrist Robert Lifton in his 1981 article, “Cult Formation.”

In our exploration of the cult-like aspects of evangelicalism, Keith and I discuss theology and coercion–why the dogmas of evangelicalism, along with the mind control aspects, have affected us psychologically and in other ways–and how we’re recovering from it all.

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