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054: “Cults Inside Out”: Exploring How Cults Operate (with Rick Alan Ross)


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This week’s episode of MindShift podcast features cult expert Rick Alan Ross, author of the book Cults Inside Out: How People Get in and Can Get Out. Rick is not just someone who is informed about cults–he is a court-certified expert who has testified in multiple cases in courts all across America related to cults.

In this informative and thought-provoking episode, I have a whole series of questions I had prepared for Rick, as I had been doing reading and research on how cults operate, controlling and manipulating their followers. In our discussion, we covered not only most of the questions, but went further into areas related to cults: fundamentalism and its associated dangers.

If you’re an ex-evangelical, or ex-cult member looking to educate yourself and reconstruct your identity, then this episode is for you!

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