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Evolution of the Dog


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Yes, a very interesting story. There is no clear test or definition as to when an animal species becomes domesticated. The distinction is somewhat arbitrary between wild and fully domesticated. The dog may likely be the oldest domesticated animal. Dogs are social animals like humans. They have the instinct to hunt, are submissive to the alfa, and are very protective of their territory. Great qualities to become "man's best friend."


Here is a cool video of baboons capturing feral puppies to raise as pets and guard dogs against other feral dogs, invading baboons troops, predators, men etc. Something that men first did at least tens of thousand of years in the past. Although there is no evidence of this longer than that, that I know of, I expect that the first of humans could have had such relationships with canniness more than a million year ago. Early man was at least as smart as a baboon, right?  :)



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