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Really need advice

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How did the therapy session go?

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Was actually very emotional experience Karna. Got a lotta stuff out there. To be honest the therapist was a bit overwhelmed by my story but very sympathetic. Back later this week

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On 4/22/2019 at 4:54 AM, Bazz99 said:

Hi everyone, I have lurked for a bit in search of answers and am finally glad to be amongst you great people.


Mine is an unusual dilema, in that I have never been a born again Christian, but am finding it impacting my life rather dramatically right now.


I was raised as a roman catholic in ireland but am non practising.


When i was 18( I am now 40) i was with a girl whom i loved and was devastated when she called it off. She was a carefree spirit, partying, drinking, smoking etc. We tried to stay friends but that didnt work. Not long after she rushed into a marriage with a guy who had a mental ilnness. He made her cut all ties with me.


Fast forward 16 years, I married a girl and settled down. Something in me made me reach out to contact my old flame, more out of curiousity. To cut a long story kinda short. We met up a few times and instantly clicked again. My own marriage was in trouble and my wife was having numerous affairs. I always stayed faithful.


My long lost friend was now a medical nurse and had been separated for 5 years from her husband. She had a restraining order against him for mental and physical violence. But heres the kicker, she was now a fully fledged entrenched born again christian. And apparantly god had given her the testimoney that her husband would be made anew and returned to her as a new man.


I had no previous experience of these christian cults. Anyway one day I get a call from her that she has lost her job. But that it was god punishing her because she had fallen in love with me. She then severed all ties.


That was 3 years ago, Im not divorced and constantly plaqued by this idea that my dream girl who i truely love has been taken away from me because of this cult.


Its driving me insane!!! What can I do??

True love requires nothing from anyone, do you want her because you think she will fill a void in your life? How about loving her through & through, disregarding everything you want for yourself.


You'll feel a whole lot better when you do 

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