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New "Karate Kid" based series "Cobra Kai"

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I first thought it was going to be a movie, then found that it was being released to YouTube as a series (you have to be a premium member, I think $10 per month). It might be the only thing worth watching on the premium YouTube...


The basic storyline follows the original characters (without Miyagi who died), where they are now, and how they get back into karate after years of neglect. As you might guess from the title of the series, Johnny starts up the old dojo causing Daniel to be irritated enough to try and stop him. 


I think it is really well done, true to the characters, and is telling a good story. They are taking their time to really develop the characters. I just finished watching season 2, which amped things up considerably and brought back some of Johnny's old buddies. My hunch is that season 3 will be the last, but they might be able to squeeze one more season out of what they've built. (Like most martial arts films, I think they take a lot more hits than your average person could take and keep going.)



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