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The Non-Prophets 18.10 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, & Kevin Stein


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[NEWS] US Appeals Court rules that US House of Reps chaplain cannot be ordered to allow atheist (Dan Barker) to deliver invocation. [NEWS] Uganda govt has proposed legislation requiring religious ministers must have training from recognized institutions, and report their source of income. Ministers heads' explode. [SIAS] Rep Steve King after facing months of criticism about his comments advocating white supremacy and nationalism, he now "better understands" the sufferings of Jesus. Being publicly shamed for making openly racist statements is basically the same as being tortured and nailed to a piece of wood until you're dead. Practically identical. [NEWS] Missouri bill proposed that would force adult plaintiffs in church/state separation cases to use their real names, and *only* in cases involving church/state separation [NEWS] Some countries still levying "church tax" on church goers (aka government-managed tithing), which goes to the churches.

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