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Interesting debate


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YouTuber Cosmic Sceptic had a debate verse a professional apologist. Link here, it is 1.5hrs so only for the keen:


In brief CS stuck to the lack of evidence and why you should doubt the bible, while the Christian tried to use the bible to prove the bible. 


The one question raised which I hadn't heard a response to before was regarding the wars where the Israelites were instructed to murder everyone except the virgin girls. It was interesting to hear him say "thats a hard one to reconcile, I don't really have an answer". 

Have you heard any apologetic answer to how this could be a good and moral action? 

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Ha just watched this last night!


Alex O'Connor is one to watch in the years to come.


I think he made a few errors in the debate, but he's young and only has a few debates under his belt. 

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