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Sub-Quantum Leap


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Yesterday afternoon


I tried to forsake you


From my mind


From my heart


I thought It was time


To let you go


Since it seemed so clear


That you'd rather not have me in your life


So in one go I let it all go


And divorced all my thoughts of you


That you were not my child anymore


It seemed so easy at first


Until a deathly spell fell upon me


And I became pale as a ghost


And my whole body went into shock


And there I lay on my bed


Totally disconnected


My stomach churning & churning


For a whole hour


Until I couldn't take the pain anymore


And staggered to the bathroom


And violently threw up


Then my head was hot all over


Like I was going to black out


So I lay back down


Feeling like I was going into a comma


But I fought the urge of sleeping


Until about another hour passed


And my mind just couldn't take the thought


That I never loved you


And my heart just couldn't take the sense


That it would never feel you again


And in a flash, there I was again


In the bathroom


Vomiting up all over again


As if this was never going to end


Until I realised I had to plug myself


Back into you.

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You'll be back...

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...we'll be here.

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41 minutes ago, MOHO said:

You'll be back...


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40 minutes ago, MOHO said:

...we'll be here.

You better be or pow!

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