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Book: “Atheism for Dummies”

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This isn’t a joke: there actually is a book called “Atheism for Dummies”.  You might think that becoming an atheist is the easiest thing in the word: just stop believing in God!  But for those of us making the journey away from Christianity, the possibility that we could become atheist can be enough to stop us in our tracks, causing us to end up in an uncomfortable and unstable semi-deconverted state, or even to go back to god-belief from fear of the unknown.  I’m recommending this book because it was a huge help to me in my own journey: it helped me make the transition from reluctantly admitting that there was probably no god to embracing my new world-view and becoming increasingly comfortable and confident in it, and to feeling a growing kinship to other non-believers, both past and present.


One of the strengths of this book book is in how it reassures us that ceasing to believe in gods doesn’t mean we have to be atheist activists, doesn’t mean we have to hate religion, doesn’t mean we have to align ourselves with any particular political agenda, doesn’t demand we change our views on moral issues.  But it does mean we can now form our own opinion on all kinds of issues based on what makes sense to us - and hopefully drawing on the wisdom of centuries of non-theistic and secular wisdom - not on a dogma handed down from the Bronze Age.  


I’d say this book would be helpful to a wide-range of people.  If you’re starting to doubt the truth of Christianity’s claims, but you’re afraid of a life without god or the rules of religion, it will encourage and reassure you.  If you’ve already concluded that the god of the Bible doesn’t exist, it will help you grow into your new way of looking at life.  Even if you’re a confident committed atheist, it will give you tips on living in a religious world, maybe even a religious family.  It will introduce you to some wise and courageous atheist/humanist thinkers and writers you may not have heard of.   And it would be a good book for your believing loved ones to read, to help them understand you and hopefully accept you.  While it explains why we don’t believe, it’s not at all hostile to religious belief or to believers.  That’s important when our religious family and friends are concerned!  And finally, if you are still a believer but you have a friend or family member who no longer believes, it will help you understand them and maybe even realize that they’re not as different from you as you thought.


I want to make clear that I’m not connected in any way with the author or publisher of this book.  It didn't deconvert me, but once I’d reached a certain point, it welcomed me into my new outlook on life and made me glad I’d started the journey.  






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