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Black Chicks Bible Study - Deconverts unpack the "divine" word


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Hiya! I deconverted several years ago, and this website and forums got me through a lot of mental anguish. Only recently have I been able to confront the text that my family used to worship but cherry-pick the hell out of. 


My friend and I in LA started a podcast called Black Chicks Bible Study where we look at the scriptures through our current paradigms and try to extract some non-religious wisdom after being indoctrinated during childhood. It's been a challenging but fun exercise, and surprising in a lot of ways. 


I'm hoping this plug is allowed here, my apologies if not. We just uploaded this little teaser for the pod, though we're already 15 episodes in. They drop every other Sunday. We're slowly finding our audience despite not promoting it outside of the @bcbspodcast insta. Thanks in advance to anyone who checks it out. As with most podcasts, we get more listenable as the episodes progress. 


I'd love to hear if any of you tried reading the Bible for healing/immersion therapy, or whatever other reason, since leaving the faith. 


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