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Follow the Truth Wherever it Leads (with Tim Sledge)


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This week’s discussion features a wide-ranging conversation with ex-pastor (and now atheist) Tim Sledge, out of Texas.

A former megachurch pastor in the Houston area, Tim underwent a significant change of both heart and of faith, culminating in him walking away not just from the church, but from the faith altogether. 

Now an atheist, Tim has chronicled his journey in his book Goodbye Jesus –and he is also is a prolific Twitter personality who regularly tweets about very thought-provoking and challenging issues around deconstructing Christianity and religion.

Tim and I discuss, among other things, not only his journey, but the phenomenon of the 81% white evangelical Donald Trump supporters. Where is all of this leading? As a former pastor himself, Tim provides a unique insight into this situation of American evangelicalism today.

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