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I Was FLDS Cult Leader Warren Jeffs’ 65th Wife (with Briell Decker Blanchart)

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This week’s episode features a strong woman with a truly unbelievable story to tell–Briell Decker Blanchart, who grew up in the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) cult, led by “prophet” Warren Jeffs.

Now in prison for life on multiple charges of child abuse, Jeffs was the undisputed leader of the cult during the time Briell was born and raised in the cult. Her story of life in the cult, how she came to be his 65th wife, and her unbelievable escape, are truly nothing short of amazing.

Now she makes it her life’s goal to help those who have escaped the cult and integrate into the real world. Find out more of Briell’s inspirational story in this episode!

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