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Killing superbugs with star-shaped polymers, not antibiotics


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Today our only defense against bacteria are antibiotic drugs. This link is to another form of possible treatment to kill bacteria, especially those that are resistant to antibiotics commonly called superbugs.


This chemical formulation and physical form was created for the purpose of being an antibiotic treatment, link below. It is a type of man-made polymer, plastic being a prime example of such a  polymer.




This newly created polymer type and form was created in Australia and shows great promise concerning testing in animals. This is the first formulation and form of such a polymer discovered for antibiotic treatment, but probably not the only type of polymer form possible for such treatment. This invention, and similar types of possible polymer formulations and shapes, show great promise for future antibiotic treatment as another weapon in our antibiotic arsenal, especially concerning superbugs where humanity has little defense at present.


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Excellent developments considering antibiotic resistance is one of the great threats we face. Without antibiotics that work, routine surgery becomes life threatening.

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