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New here, looking for encouragement

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2 hours ago, Kdeaustin said:

Thank you all so much for commenting back to me. I apologize for taking so long to respond. It’s been kind of a rough week for me. I did get to finally go to the doctor and saw my baby, so that was a plus. But it’s been kind of disappointing to not be able to really be happy throughout this pregnancy. The indoctrination of Hell is just so present and so scary. Just the thought of some force getting to rule our life with no authority of our own is just so scary to me. And the notion that we can’t really control what happens to us is just scary. I keep watching videos and trying to learn but it’s so hard to unlearn the things I’ve believed to be true. I’ve learned in life that with anxiety, most of the times when I’ve been scared of something it never happens. So I’m trying to cling to anxiety that way but it’s so real. 


I don't have the capacity to reply to everyone right now individually but trust me, I read everyone’s response and took it to heart and truly appreciated it!!!! Margee, I loved your testimony and shared it with my mom to explain how I was kinda feeling. She sympathizes with me. Really well. She is so compassionate. But she insinuates that it’s just a test from God & then tells me about how the end times are coming true. I know people have been saying that for years but she sends me specific things that are happening out of the Bible. Which is scary. 



Weezer, I tried to read your testimony but it wouldn’t come up. 


I have ave a good friend who isn’t a Christian and I keep sending her stuff and she keeps saying “see it doesn’t make sense.” So she has been a big support for me.


but I still have big questions that I just don’t know if I will ever have the answer to. 


There is good and evil in the world, so where does this come from? Where did we all come from? Is the Big Bang theory really any more plausible than the existence of God? Why does there seem to be crazy things that do happen like people mysteriously not having cancer anymore (this happened to my uncle) he didn’t get “saved” until many years later on his death bed. But I mean there are some pretty crazy things that happen just in general like sighting of “aliens” and “miracles.” And just the very real presence of evil. As far as rape & murder & torture. So it’s  just like where can these things come from?


and then my mom has been sending me all this stuff about how the Nephilim are really in Antarctica and the US government is going to enact Marshall law and how they bought a bunch of guillotines and how revelation is coming true right before our eyes? I really want some material that explains everything in revelation to that time. Does anyone know anything? 


Sorry thats a lot. Just everything I’ve been thinking. 

There are indeed many mysterious things which go on and there's nothing wrong with recognizing that. What we have to do, in my opinion, is avoid any dogmatic thinking on what's behind it all. I submit that dogma is the real enemy, whether it sends you to the stake to be burned or sends secret police to your door at midnight to haul you off to the gulag. We are small creatures in an unimaginably vast cosmos and it would be the height of arrogance to assume that its ultimate nature must conform to any paradigm of ours. And that, I think, is the real beauty of the universe: its mystery (Einstein himself declared that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious). As the saying goes, "Believe those who seek the truth; doubt those who find it."

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If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend  contacting a mental health center and asking to see a doctor or therapist that specializes in working with cult victims.  I do NOT recommend a "Christian"  counseling center.  For you and your baby, you need help in dealing with your anxiety.  And reducing anxiety will help you think more clearly. And talking with a real person who cares can sometimes  be more helpful than reading about stuff.


Your mother in all likelyhood means well, but keep in mind that she has also been brain washed and is not thinking clearly.  Also, her health condition may be effecting her mental abilities.


 I am 78 years old and have heard the "world is coming to an end", or some other calamity, so many times I have lost count.  Those people create fear and anxiety, in themselves and anyone who will listen.  Look for the good, and you will find it.  Spend time with positive people who can see the good in life.  You tend to find what you are looking for, and you are looking in the right direction..  HANG IN THERE!

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Hmm, many of your questions seem to deal with lack of certainty. And that the answers you got seemed to fill that void.


It is a very common thing to all humans. Desire for certainty. It is related to a fundamental need of safety. The other is for affection.


Sadly, such a thing as complete certainty seems not to exist. You might find better results in finding ways to cope with uncertainty than to eliminate it. There are plenty of things with that I think.


And please please research what unfalsifiable claims are. In religious context. And arguments from ignorance.


A good website is the ICSA website. International cultic association.


My own personal desire is NOT to make you give a belief or another, but to empower you to see / think reality better with some mental instruments. You may reach widely different conclusions than me. And that is ok.  Or the same. That is ok . And they might change and switch according to new info and insights. Ok again.


For eternal Hell research Illaria Ramelli and David Bentley Hart two modern advocates of universal salvation, scholars with deep research in early history and theology not just some tv pastors. They have interviews on youtube and books. Both books released in 2019 I think. 


On questioning there is a youtube series by Anthony Bloom Eastern Orthodox Bishop. Might help. Search anthony bloom on doubt and questioning on youtube


Might help a little.


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