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Ellen and President GW Bush

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I'm not sure how many of you still have Christian friends on Facebook/etc., but something really interesting happened yesterday.  The news was all abuzz about Ellen Degeneres sitting next to George Bush at a baseball game - specifically, the very gracious way that she defended her friendship with someone very ideologically different than herself.  She spoke about showing kindness to ALL PEOPLE, regardless of faith, gender, politics, orientation, etc.


The interesting thing was that several of my conservative, evangelical, anti-gay, Christian facebook friends independently posted support for Ellen's comments.  They took them on as a challenge - saying, basically, "Ellen is right!  This is what love and friendship and kindness need to look like.  And we Christians need to be like this!"


I thought it was so cool because here is someone who Christianity would say cannot be a truly moral person because she does not believe in Biblical Christianity, YET she schooled the world on what true love and kindness looks like.


Go Ellen!



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I guess the parables of the Good Samaritan (hated by the Jews of the day), and the Sheep and Goats were too old-hat. Some believers really do try and embody kindness, though that usually carries the preaching along with it. I FB friended the mother of my sister-in-law today, and quickly unfollowed her because she was posting gushy stuff about the pres and his Christian backing. That kind of believer seems far more devoted to perceived "rightness" than to compassion. 

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