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Can Pantheism be Reconciled with christianity?

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Personally, I don't believe in any of it; but y'all have at it.  

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Short answer, no christianity can not be reconciled with pantheism without dropping the "this verses that," attitude, or one thing in existence at odds or at war with another thing in existence. Because pantheism means, "All god belief." Or simply put, the belief that all is god. If there's a war, or one thing at odds with another thing, then what else could both parties break down to aside from the god who is everything interacting with itself? 


God verses god. Can that be reconciled with the christian message? 


No, not really. 


So the basic story of christianity ranging from pre-earth conditions in heaven, a rebellion in heaven, 1/3 of the angels cast out, temptation and sin entering the garden of Eden, instituting a pre-plan of salvation into motion, a chosen people, a savior, the churches, the end of the church era and end times, and finally the New Jerusalem conditions can represent nothing other than one big load of nonsense against the belief that god is EVERYTHING. The separate existence of a god and devil are complete nonsense again a belief that god is everything, the all. So god as everything doesn't look reconcilable with the christian narrative. 


Problem: Christians claim that god is omnipresent, though. Not just that. Omnipresent, immanent and transcendent to be specific. Meaning god is present everywhere both within and outside of the known universe


To be internally consistent, one would have to consider that omnipresent means present everywhere. Hindu's, for instance, claim that Brahman is an all pervading energy which is everywhere and everything. That's internal consistency. They make the pantheistic claim and then stick to the necessary implications of the claim. 


The god can't be lacking presence anywhere if omnipresent. So what does that mean? For one thing, in order to be present everywhere, the god winds up becoming and interconnected presence in everything. Everything that exists in the material universe is made of (1) space and (2) matter. If we grant a supernatural element than we can add (3) spirit / soul. If a person is made up of (1) space, (2) matter, and (3) spirit / soul than a person is made up of at least 3 different aspects of the gods presence. Every atom has more volume of space than matter. And all material things are made up of atoms. It doesn't require genius level contemplation in order to follow the claim of omnipresence through to the logical conclusion.


The god has to be within everything and also range out in presence as far as we can imagine, even further. It can't be lacking in presence, anywhere, therefore lacking presence in anything. But the logical conclusion means that claiming an omnipresent god who is immanent and transcendent does amount to "pantheism." But wait, "pantheism" makes nonsense out of the christian narrative. How can that be? How is the god pantheistic and yet not pantheistic? 




Christianity is a self contradicting religion which wasn't ever thought out very well to begin with. It combines "pantheistic" claims with "monotheistic" reasoning and story telling without careful consideration as to how one affects the validity of the other. And cancels out the other. It's logic, is straight forward and demonstrable ill-logic. Christian apologist's hate this, but have been unable to change the conclusion. Christianity is internally inconsistent in many ways. This is but one example of many...

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