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On the best way to sow discord (Impeachment)

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Tim Pool made a short but interesting point I'd like to share. He puts it better than I probably can, and I'll link his Youtube video here at the relevant time stamp for your convenience (from 6:14 until 8:10).


The gist of it is: If you want to sow discord and cause political division in the USA, what is the best method currently? Is it through Trump administration or is it through the Democrats?


Trump and people working for him have been under a lot of scrutiny, as the Democrats have cried wolf since 2016 and still manage to hold the accuser's podium. To whom do you throw a bone for the greatest effect? Who is more desperate for results?


Tim asks the question in the context of the whistleblower complaint and whether it's possible that he was a useful idiot and therefore an attack vector.

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Surprisingly, the clearly left-aligned publication Rolling Stone magazine did an article about how Russian agents spread misinformation meant to be palatable to the Left. Until now, as far as I've seen, every leftist has been happy to pretend that it's the MAGA side that is infested with Russian trolls.


Pictured in the article is a viral misinformation tweet by what the magazine says was a Russian account. The tweet is from 2018. I gotta ask, if the Russians supposedly already have their own puppet acting as the President of the United States, why smear his voter base?


source: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/russia-troll-2020-election-interference-twitter-916482/


(...) Professional trolls don’t go on social media to antagonize liberals or belittle conservatives. They are not narrow minded, drunk or angry.

(...) They don’t go to social media looking for a fight; they go looking for new best friends.





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