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retiring old lab animals to a peaceful death

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If it would cost the government little money for such legislation and control, then I think this could be a great idea. Even though it would involve more government regulations, such ideas would show the compassion of humanity. The idea involves sending lab animals to retirement when they are relatively old, after spending close to their entire lives as lab test animals. Many of these older lab animals have often been euthanized near the ends of their lives because they are less suitable for medical experiments. Another rare few have been adopted at the ends of their natural lives by their lab caretakers that have loved and taken care of them in the lab. A small percentage of others have been sent to private retirement homes, paid for by private labs that have owned and used them for experiments for their entire lives up to their retirement.


Of course many of these experimental animals have died at relatively young ages or have infirmities resulting from these experiments. Having some government regulations concerning when such animals might qualify for retirement from being experimental lab animals could be a good idea. Of course the suggested payer of such retirement would be the labs that own them, but the regulations should not be so strict that some labs would make it difficult for such animals to retire using them for senility and Alzheimer's  experiments until they die. So far only Chimps have been excluded from life-long experimentation, but this article involves monkeys in general. Government regulation might control continuous, abusive life long experiments on many types of animals. Even lab rats and mice might qualify for a peaceful couple of months ending to their lives from such legislation. But I'm a Vegan and a member of "bleeding hearts unanimous," so what do you think?

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Lab animals are one of our more shameful human decisions. I get that we need safe products, but I say that if you make the product, you use it on yourself to demonstrate safety. Corporate "farms" are another awful treatment of animal life. I just watched the Netflix show "Cooked" that briefly deals with how corporate-made food was a financial boon, but led to some nasty "food" and practices. 


I'm a carnivore, but I don't like animals being treated badly. I only hunted for a short time back in the 80s, but would have continued if my hunting partner hadn't moved. The idea of a quick kill and gratitude for the animal's life and body were part of the experience. And even with pest animals, I much prefer a quick kill to anything like poison that often causes a lot of suffering. 


I could get a jaded attitude by seeing that there are so damn many animals, who cares about a few over here. The evening news can do that with wars in other countries (Who cares about a bunch of Armenians suffering under oppression?) But simple compassion and empathy move me to want to do something about it, and at the very least to embody my own ideals when dealing with other animals and human animals. 

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