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This Is Not an Evangelicalism I Recognize

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This is incredibly well written. I wish I could send this to my grandmother, however it would not be well received and I worry about family dynamics. 


“With profound love and respect, we ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to consider whether they have given to Caesar what belongs only to God: their unconditional loyalty.”

This quote she sampled especially highlights what is going so desperately wrong.

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This says a lot. For the life of me, I don't understand how how evangelicals can be so gung-ho for him.



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" those evangelicals who are enraged at Christianity Today for calling out Trump’s abuses of power aren’t enraged because they think Trump’s good outweighs his bad. They’re enraged because they think he is all good. "


If I believed in spirits and demons and gods and such, I'd think that the evangelicals had literally sold their souls to Satan. The god wouldn't give them the judges they wanted, so Satan came along and said "I'll give you more judges than you ever thought possible! You just have to let me pick the president! Oh, and you have to be completely loyal to whomever I pick. Oh, and you go to Hell when you die. But you'll get your judges!"


It's almost enough to make me a believer! (Okay, not really, but I've been really tempted to post something like this on facebook where nobody actually knows that I'm an atheist.)

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