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Taking the good with the bad

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23 minutes ago, older said:


By the way, don't forget that chocolate is a vegetable. Chocolate comes from beans. Beans are a vegetable. Therefore chocolate is a vegetable. :D



I reward myself every day for staying alive by eatlng a piece of unsweetened dark chocolate!

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It's not the food thats the problem. For example yes cacao beens are perfectly ok. It's the processing of everything nowadays with additives that aren't good for you. Geez, I need to even pay an overpriced fee for pure cacao powder without additives. It's ridiculous that eating healthy costs so much more. Actually it's beyond ridiculous. As pointed out yes some people can seem to be obsessed with labels but some justifiably so because theres a lot of hidden crap in most things nowadays. Take someone like my boyfriend who is sticking to a pure Wahls diet as it may improve his MS symptoms. Yes, he's going to read all the labels and even develope anxiety about social events and get togethers because the fact is that if he doesn't stick to the diet at all times it won't help him. So before judging people (not saying that was happening here ( for things like OCD we should consider that we may know very little about the reality of people's lives and circumstances and they may have very good reasons. 

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