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You're Going to Carmen!

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We’re back! And who better to kick off the year than with the slickest performer of all–Carmen?

Rock, Jazz, Funk, or starring in his own films, he does it all. Even medical anesthesia is no match for him!


We’ve missed you. Or was that just another one of Bonnie’s lies? She loved to start rumors in college.

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you went to one of Carmen’s free concerts. He filled them up. Karen was even a counselor.

In this episode, we describe the man, the legend. Or we read how he describes himself. Add in some videos about how he’s A2J–Addicted to Jesus, and loves to box, and we start seeing how he has the swag to not only refuse a job with the mafia, but names the people he refused.

Don’t forget to print up one of these non-working clock faces and bring to his concert.

We just don’t get this guy.

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