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Silencing Believers

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On 2/27/2020 at 12:37 PM, Tsathoggua9 said:



True believers are very accustomed to doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to convince themselves of the veracity of their so-called "Holy Book", even if it contradicts reality and common-sense! Oh, sure, these mistakes can be explained away, if only you have the proper amount of faith. Ya know, that kind of stuff......

It’s only when I started questioning christianity as a whole (rather than just the particular sect I was in at one point) that I finally saw all the gymnastics I did to make it work! 

I’m with you, @freedwoman, in feeling angry. I have no interest in worshipping any other god at this point and I doubt I ever will. I no longer see a difference between supernatural belief of any kind and superstition. I also enjoy not feeling guilty that I feel angry wasting so much time participating in church and bible studies and other “fellowship” activities I only participated in out of guilty obligation. 

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