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The Non-Prophets 19.05 with Denis Loubet, Rachel Watson, & Phil Ferguson

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Guest Host: Phil Ferguson
Business => http://polarisfinancialplanning.com
Podcast => http://polarisfinancialplanning.com/the-phil-ferguson-show

[News] Francis: Evangelize by Example, not Pushing Your Faith on Others
=> https://www.patheos.com/blogs/throughcatholiclenses/2019/12/francis-evangelize-by-example-not-pushing-your-faith-on-others/

[News] Four NYC infants contract herpes from circumcision rite in past 6 months
=> https://www.jpost.com/OMG/4-NYC-infants-contract-herpes-from-circumcision-rite-in-past-6-months-618690

[News] Delhi Riots: How A Sikh Hero Transported Dozens Of Muslim Neighbours To Safety
=> https://www.sikhnet.com/news/delhi-riots-how-sikh-hero-transported-dozens-muslim-neighbours-safety

[Mail: Griffin] The Palestine Conflict
"I just want to suggest coverage on the recent events with the Palestinian conflict and our election. It's sad and scary how all of this ties in. We are voting for leaders who are funding the conflict!...The whole movement, for the Evangelicals, is just some way to fulfill prophecy? It's insane... Many of then don't even care about the Jewish state. They just care about making their Biblical prophecy come true..."

[Mail: Edward, NC] Why worship god?
"Let's say that one day you finally receive proof of god and you now believe that some particular entity is indeed god. Would you then feel compelled to worship this god? Love him/her?... My thoughts are that I would experience awe and respect, but would have no reason to worship the 'god'. Hence, STILL no reason for religion."

[Mail: Chuck, AZ] God should give me belief
"Why doesn't God just make me believe in him? He wants me to believe in him and I want to believe in him if he exists. I can't freely choose what I believe so he wouldn't be violating my free will. Why would an all good God not make things better for both of us when there are no drawbacks to doing so?"

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